KRPD 1 is located in rural New Athens, IL in St. Clair Co. at Kaskaskia River Mile 24.5. The address is 7405 Pike Sawmil Road.  This facility is operated by Kaskaskia River Terminals and serviced by Southern Illinois Transfer Co. (SITCO).  This location is rail served by the Canadian National Railroad.
The outbound loading facility was built by Peabody Coal in 1977 and operated until 1999.  Over 48 million tons of coal was shipped through this facility.   This bulk terminal is capable of handling 3,000 tons/hr of bulk material such as coal or grain from rail or truck to barge.  The terminal, which is served by the Canadian National Railroad .  The terminal is a public terminal available to any shipper.
A roll-off/roll-on ramp has been installed to handle oversized equipment. 

Today a new in-bound off loading facility has been built at this site.  It consists of a barge equipped with a hydraulic trackhoe and conveyor that loads trains bound for destinations in the Midwest and beyond.  Freight rates are competitive.  Scrubber stone is being shipped to the Prairie State Energy Campus from this facility.   The train loop can handle 125 car unit trains.
KRPD 1  (RM 24.5)
Location of roll-off/roll-on ramp