KRPD 2 (Stanley L. Reeble Dock and Industrial Park) at Kaskaskia River mile 18 is a multi-modal river, rail and road facility for steel, general cargo and bulk products.  The terminal includes a 50-ton overhead electric crane and a 30,000 sq. ft. temperature and humidity controlled warehouse.  Barge inbound handling includes steel, fertilizer and palletized goods.  A new outbound conveyor was installed in Feb. 2015.  This port facility can easily handle containers with the 50 ton overhead crane.  8 in. waterline installed in 2016.
Outbound product loading consists of coal and slag.  The Material Works (TMW) operates a steel processing complex and Gateway FS operates a fertilizer distribution terminal.
Sites are available for new and expanding companies that need river, road and rail  and at affordable rates.
This facility is operated by Southern Illinois Transfer Co. and serviced by Southern Illinois Transfer Co.
KRPD 2  (RM 18.5)
Gateway FS purchased 17.7 acres to expand at KRPD # 2
Monument dedicated to Stanley L. Reeble at KRPD #2